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2022 Year-End Letter

Merry Christmas to each of our dear sponsors, donors, friends and families. We love each of you and we could never sustain our ministry without you! May God bless you and your families during this Christmas season.

Added 18 more children to our existing homes (for a total of 132)
Baptized 112 Children (who professed their faith In Jesus Christ) – PRAISE GOD
Presented Bibles to 126 Children
Established 2 Pigeries and 6 Chicken Coops for Long-Term Sustainability
Continued Sewing Ministry for Long-Term Sustainability
Honored by Kiwanis Club of Gallatin, Tennessee
Hosted Mission Trip to Uganda (for 8)
Organized/Hosted Giving University Trip to Uganda (for 12)

Prayer Requests

Lift up our Heavenly Father in praise for the great things He has done! Thank God for the divine calling He has placed upon each of us in our work with KKA. Thank God for His financial provisions and each of our sponsors. Ask God for His blessings and protection over the children, the house […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Many of you have asked how the Coronavirus has impacted the country of Uganda and our King’s Kids.  At the end of March, the government of Uganda closed their borders for 30 days.  Since then they have relaxed some of the restrictions on its people, but like much of the U.S., there continue to be […]

Final Thoughts from Our Trip to Uganda

Final Thoughts by Chuck & Nancie Our trip to Uganda this year was amazing!  Every year, Uganda feels a little more like home.  Every year, we grow closer to our children, the Pastors and members of the local churches.  We just returned home less than a week ago and we are already dreaming about next […]

My Interpreter – My Friend

  An exciting time for each of us was the morning when we met our interpreter for the first time. Young men, who were students at the local Seminary, would gather in Mbale to greet us and offer their time and linguistic talents for the week to come. I remember meeting my assigned interpreter, Peter, […]

God Redeems the Time

While going through the process of applying for Recognition of Exemption for King’s Kids Africa, Chuck had asked how long it might take. The attorney’s response was longer than Chuck had hoped for, (8-9 months), so the question was rephrased and instead he wanted to know what was the fastest time that any non-profit organization […]

Please Don’t Send Me to Africa

Many years ago I had the honor of directing many beautiful children in a stage play entitled, “Please Don’t Send Me to Africa”. We all learned so much during that show and we prayed that our hearts would follow wherever God called us. Guess where God called this Director??? When we first arrived in a […]