Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Many of you have asked how the Coronavirus has impacted the country of Uganda and our King’s Kids.  At the end of March, the government of Uganda closed their borders for 30 days.  Since then they have relaxed some of the restrictions on its people, but like much of the U.S., there continue to be guidelines limiting the flow of people and their activities.  Fortunately, none of our children, house mommas or pastors have been infected by the virus – priase God!  At this point, close to 1,200 people in Uganda have tested positive to the virus, and only four people have died from the disease.

Many stores have been allowed to reopen, though schools, churches and restaurants remain closed. “Boda bodas” (motorbikes) that function as taxis, are now allowed to carry passengers again (so long as masks are worn).

The one thing that has impacted our ministry and the lives of our children the most, is the closing of its schools.  Over the last few months, our children have continued with their studies under the leadership of the house mommas and members of the local churches.  The children complete their homework and send it to the Superintendent of Schools every week for the district’s review.  However, to keep our children from falling behind, we have hired a teacher for each one of our homes.  At this point, our plans are to retain the teachers for a period of 6-months.  After that, we will evaluate the status of the virus and whether schools will be permitted to reopen.