Last year at this time, the captain of our Antarctic Cruise ship, SH Vega, was calmly trying to navigate the treacherous waters of the Drake Passage. We were in the grips of the “Drake Shake”, on our return trip from a wonderful time on Antarctica, and quickly losing “ground” as we battled the fierce conditions that pushed us backward more than propelled us forward. Many passengers were below decks, feeling a bit seasick. I was at the right place at the right time in the 7th level upper lounge, when a rogue wave towered over the top of the ship. There was a spontaneous gasp as we watched it through the floor to ceiling windows, felt it, and then road it out in awed silence, holding on to whatever we could grab.

The relentless crashing waves delayed our return and it became apparent that we would all be missing our return flights home. After safely returning to Argentina a day late, getting our land legs back, scrambling to find available last-minute flights on December 31; we made our connections and spent an unconventional New Year’s Eve soaring over the vastness of who-knows-where.

Despite the challenges, the tumultuous passage and unexpected turn of events created an unforgettable last chapter of 2022.


2023 has been a year of many blessings for King’s Kids Africa, as well as a few rogue waves. With God’s direction, and your faithful commitment, we have navigated some storms and have ended strong. Two new homes were built, 20 new children are now safe and being cared for, new donors and sponsors joined us – necessary repairs were made on homes, latrines and washrooms – new solar equipment was installed to provided light – and new mosquito nets were purchased for all the children.

Maintaining 13 homes and caring for 152 children is a huge task that we could never do without your help. Your involvement, your giving, your prayers and love are what keep us moving forward. We are so thankful for you and we’ll never stop being amazed by your generosity.


We are so happy to report that the children are all healthy and happy and doing great in school. All have passed to the next grade, and many of them are at the top of their class. They are learning how to run a small business, plant gardens, care for chickens and pigs, lead prayer time and worship at church, and help with the household chores. They are being taught how to serve the elderly and others in need. God’s hand is certainly upon these children and we believe they will become great leaders in their homes and villages and throughout their country.

We know that many of you have had unexpected events in your lives in 2023. We pray that Jesus calms the storms that have tossed you around this past year, and that you grab onto the wisdom in His word, and see the power of the Holy Spirit moving in your life in this New Year.

We look forward to your continued partnership as we embark on another year of making a difference in the lives of these incredible children.


Please consider coming to Uganda with us this summer and, see for yourselves, the great work that God is doing through King’s Kids Africa. We are considering the following dates for our trip: May 30 – June 9. We must have your feedback/commitment by the end of January and we’ll be making our plane reservations the following month. Certainly, you will impact the lives of our children, and you will be forever changed yourself!

With all of our love,
Chuck & Nancie