Construction Complete

February 2017
King’s Kid’s homes are duplexes built next to the pastor’s home on the church property. One side of the duplex is for 4 girls and the other side for 4 boys. A special “mamma” has been chosen to live with them and care for them as her own. A latrine/bath house, and a separate kitchen house are built also. There is a well on the property, but no running water or electricity.

February of 2017, two King’s Kids Homes were completed, all the beds, tables and chairs were delivered and the most vulnerable, needy children began to experience a safe, family environment for the first time in their lives. Most children were hungry, and dressed in rags, and many required medical attention before moving into King’s Kid’s Home. We met these children through the pictures and bios that our case worker, Glenn, sent us, and we were blessed to find family and friends to sponsor them.
All the children had their medical check-ups, were taken shopping in the nearby town to buy clothes, and then they enjoyed their first-ever ice cream.

We were so excited to meet them all in person, and began packing trunks full of clothes and toys, books and toothbrushes, and counting the days until we were able to love on them.