Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify and honor God by caring for orphans and the neediest of His children in East Africa (with a focus on rural Uganda) by providing family-based care, education and a local church family.

Locked in Hopelessness

  • An estimated 2.5 million orphans are currently living in Uganda.
  • Orphanages are often unable to equip children for life on their own after “aging out.”
  • Children’s villages are often institutionalized and isolated from the broader community.
  • Without a church family and the security of a loving home, children suffer mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our 2019 Vision

Collaborate with local churches in rural Uganda to build 2 more King’s Kids homes (duplexes) in 2019 for a total of 7. This will bring the total number of children under our care to 70.  Ultimately, our goal is to complete 10 family-based homes, 5 schools (primary, secondary, and trade), and 3 churches by 2025.

Nancie’s Notes

God Redeems the Time

While going through the process of applying for Recognition of…

Please Don’t Send Me to Africa

Many years ago I had the honor of directing many beautiful children…

Featured Videos

The Story of Awesome
We have a pastor who says that the word “awesome” is used too casually in our world today – that it should only be used to describe our Creator & His creation.  We agree, and that’s why we can say that this journey we are on is AWESOME!  It is obviously designed by the Lord; with people on the other side of the world serving the ministry of King’s Kids Africa by the Lord’s prompting; and frightened, hungry, hopeless children being rescued because the Lord has prepared you and prompted you to give. Please click the link below for the rest of this AWESOME story!